Garden Rescue



What Our Clients Say

"Thanks Lisa,
We have had a party in the garden, a meeting of our book club, and I have been hanging out in the new hammock. I REALLY start to appreciate what you have done with the sunny border! Into my late husband's idea of a green (evergreen) garden and my natural penchant for wildness you have inserted a very English profusion of colour and texture, as in the style of English country gardens. It's a lovely idea which I was half hearted about before you took over and I much appreciate the way it is developing now."

Barbara- Summertown, Oxford

Cherwell Gardens' GARDEN RESCUE is an emergency service offered to those of you who have reached the end of your green-thumb-tether! If it is too big, too bad, too difficult to get your head (and back) around; if you need a garden ambulance to arrive and breathe some much needed TLC to your out-door space then give us a call. We are more than happy to pop round and give you a helping hand.